Fundraising Events

Elmira Poultry Fundraiser

Our school makes $5 /  box that is ordered. If you have any questions please contact Follie Vanleeuwen.

Perennial Sale 2022

We enjoyed a good sale in May.  Thanks to all who dropped by to support us by picking up plants for your garden!

We were able to raise $1435.00 this year !

Shopping Cart / Posthaven Meats

We make $1840 / year.  Posthaven gives 15% to the school. With Kingma Meats we make $1040 / year and Chocolate letter sales make about $435

Cookie Dough Sale

We tried something new this year and it was a success! We made $1080.00 this spring and plan to have another sale in the fall.

Euchre / Volleyball Tournaments

We also wanted to try some tournaments this year.  Our first was a euchre tournament and it raised $715.  We plan to have another one in the fall as well as a volleyball tournament!