Busing Information

Bus Transfers

Process for temporary Bus Transfers or changes in Bus Stops, including the child’s own bus.
Parent must:
1. write and sign a note requesting a temporary bus transfer or stop change;
2. send an email to the school <info@mcsfergus.ca>
A Phone Call is NOT sufficient.
This note must indicate:
1. the date for the requested transfer/stop change,
2. the bus being transferred to(if needed),
3. the desired drop off/pick up point (must be existing on the route)
4. the duration of the transfer (i.e. one day, two days, etc.).
Bus Transfer requests need to be received in a timely manner in order to be processed. A request that comes after noon on the date of the request may not be processed and your child may not be able to meet your transfer request.
The school will supply a note to the bus driver to indicate the above information for the driver.
There are NO exceptions to the above, except in the case of serious emergency.


Bus Cancellations

Our busing company, Brenmar Transit, is based out of Harriston. As such, all buses are parked in Wellington North. 

The public system operates a Transportation Consortium that governs busing in Wellington and Dufferin Counties. If the consortium cancelled transportation in a given area, all buses in that area are cancelled, regardless of whether they are part of the consortium or not. Any bus trips into an affected area are cancelled as well. Finally, our transportation provider can also choose to cancel busing because of route or driver specific issues. 

All cancellations are posted on the school’s website by 6:15, as a rule. A cancellation email is also sent to all parents at the email address that is on file from the Public Relations committee. 

Because we are transportation depended, when busing is cancelled, Maranatha Christian School is closed.